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The Loveliest Song

「一首最美之歌」 不單只是一張優美的鋼琴演奏專輯,更是 一個因著渴慕而生的作品。從作詞、譜曲到彈奏,參與的成員無不是帶著渴慕、敬拜的心來獻上對神的愛,所以最美!

More than a collection of lovely melodies, this album is birthed out of a place of longing. The lyrical notes came alive as the musicians responded in adoration and love to our beautiful, beautiful Lord. He is the reason for the beauty expressed in this piano album!

We want to share this deep longing with you. We pray these anointed pieces will refresh your heart as you soak and rest in Him. May these songs of longing usher you into a deeper encounter with Him. May His presence fill your spirit with more. Most of all, may our joint adoration bring satisfaction to His heart!

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01. 天起涼風時 When the Cool Wind Blows
02. 耶穌 我唯一的熱情 Jesus My Only Passion
03. 期盼 Father’s Heart
04. 鶼鰈情深 Cooing of Doves
05. 賜我一首最美之歌 Give Me a Song of Love Songs
06. 耶穌-謙和之子 Jesus, Son of Meekness
07. 恩典 Grace
08. 一日千年 One Day As If a Thousand Years
09. 阿爸父唱給我聽的歌 A Song Abba Sings to Me
10. 尋回所愛 Find My Beloved