How to prepare for emergency:

PEP (Personal Emergency Preparation)

Fremont Fire Department came to FRCC and give a presentaiton, and the videos are recorded:

part 1, (1h30m)

part 2.(1h26m)


Emergency Bags:

  • How to Make your own emergency bags.
  • Leave the emergency bag near your bed, so that when earthquake happens at night, it’s easily accessable.
  • Prepare running shoose under your bed, in case earthquake happens and there might be broken glasses around.
  • Flash light be placed near your bed where you can access in the dark. It’s better hand-cranking powered so no need to worry about batteries.
  • Every family has at least 1 week supply of water per person. Each individual consumes about 1 gallon of water per day. Replenish water every six months。
  • Learn how to shut down main gas, water pipe, and electricity
  • Prepare fire extinguisher, placed near the exit of your home, check the level and validy once a year。


VIALS of Life


Community Emergency Response Team:

A 20 hour training course offered by each local city:

City of Fremont:

City of Milpitas:

City of San Jose:

City of Cuptertino: