We host a monthly revival gathering here in Forerunner Christian Church. Please join us as we gather from many churches and ministries as one family to seek the face of God and corporately respond to the Lord. The gathering will be streamed in multiple languages on FRCC YouTube Channel and Zoom.
我們在慕主先鋒教會舉辦每月一次的復興聚會。邀請您加入這與眾教會和事工的合一聚集,一同尋求神的面並回應主的心。此聚會在 FRCC YouTube 頻道和 Zoom 上以中英雙語進行直播。

Our Special Guest of the Month 本次邀請的講員

 Prophet Rob Sanchez

Prophet Rob Sanchez, called by God to the Body of Christ, encourages every generation he encounters to awaken to God’s Kingdom within them. Through a timely message from the Spirit of God, believers have been released into their God-given destinies and flourished within their local church.
神大大用Rob Sanchez在先知性恩賜上改變轉化人心。Rob多次上Benny Hinn, Sid Roth的節目,對許多人說出安慰造就和命定的話語。他特別專注在35歲以下的新世代,藉由他的LIVG 媒體事工用社媒影響改變許多年輕人。在他的聚集當中,許多人經歷聖靈超自然運行,甚至有腦腫瘤得醫治、憂鬱症得醫治的各樣神蹟奇事。


Pastoral Leadership Team 禱告代表

Marti Souza
Freedom Culture

Carina and Edgar Arceo
Mount Zion Sanctuary

Victor Bianco
Iglasia Transformacion California

Linda Lara
Star of David

Mike Galletta
Genesis Upper Room

Rick Rodriguez
Freedom Culture

Christopher Yu
Forerunner Christian Church

Grace Chiang
Forerunner Christian Church

Ken Cornell
Hilltop Ministries Church

Worship Leaders 敬拜主領

Andrew Castillo
Sunnyvale International Church

Alvan Jiing
Forerunner Christian Church

Natalie Casey
Freedom Culture

Revival Playlist 聚會回顧

Worship Remix 敬拜重混

Live Streaming 線上直播

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