We host a monthly revival gathering here in Forerunner Christian Church. Please join us as we gather from many churches and ministries as one family to seek the face of God and corporately respond to the Lord. The gathering will be streamed in multiple languages on FRCC YouTube Channel and Zoom.
我們在慕主先鋒教會舉辦每月一次的復興聚會。邀請您加入這與眾教會和事工的合一聚集,一同尋求神的面並回應主的心。此聚會在 FRCC YouTube 頻道和 Zoom 上以中英雙語進行直播。


對於這些變動,我們由衷地道歉。我們也會延遲 Sean Smith牧師在這個時間的到來,並會邀請他另行安排。對於這給領袖們帶來的不便,我們深感抱歉。


In light of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, we recognize the pressing need to engage in intercession. The prompting of the Holy Spirit has led us to shift our focus from a standard revival meeting to a dedicated time of prayer for the Middle East Crisis. Our intention is to rally the people of God to fervent prayer, seeking divine intervention to quell the current crisis. Consequently, we have opted to reconfigure our usual Revival Night into an intercessory gathering specifically for Israel and the Middle East.

We extend our heartfelt apologies for any inconvenience this adjustment may cause, particularly in regards to the scheduled appearance of Rev Sean Smith. We will reschedule his speaking engagement for a later date. We appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.

We implore you to join us for a night of earnest prayer for the Holy Land and its surrounding nations. Your participation is invaluable in this endeavor.

Our Special Guest of the Month 本次邀請的講員

 Pastor Sean Smith

Sean is the Co-Director of Sean and Christa Smith Ministries. With over 3 decades of ministry experience Sean has been involved in University outreaches, overseas ministry, numerous conferences, Bible schools and has been a forerunner for equipping the body of Christ in Prophetic Evangelism. Sean has authored 4 books including his most recent “Prophetic Evangelism: The Legacy Edition”. His heart burns to see an outpouring of the Spirit transform this nation. He is married to Christa and is the father of two children, Brandon and Brittany. He loves reading books and training in MMA. Sean resides in San Ramon, CA and travels full time evangelizing the nations and equipping & revitalizing God’s people for the next great awakening.

Sean Smith 是Sean and Christa Smith事工的聯合主任。擁有超過30年的事奉經驗,Sean參與了大學布道、海外事工、眾多的大會、聖經學校,並成為了在先知性傳福音方面裝備基督教會的先鋒人物。肖恩著有四本書,包括他最新的《先知性傳福音:傳承版》。他心中燃燒著渴望看到聖靈的傾注改變這個國家。他與Christa結為夫妻,育有兩個子女,Brandon和Brittany。他熱愛閱讀書籍並接受混合武術訓練。肖恩居住在加利福尼亞州聖拉蒙,並全職旅行,傳福音於各國,裝備與復興上帝的子民,為下一次偉大的覺醒做好準備。

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